Cecil Alliance Foundation (CAF)

Tagging, tracking, and transacting animal data on the blockchain.

Cecil Alliance Foundation creates a global standard in collecting, tracking, and transacting of animal data in order to bring transparency, data accessibility, traceability, and verifiability to animal based industries, ultimately advancing animal welfare and species conservation.

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A state of the art toolkit

Solutions that can be arranged in different ways to champion and support all animals

Our Mission

We are building a global standard for animal data, designing its protocols and best practices.

We believe humans can not be trusted with animal data. We are using decentralized technologies to safeguard this valuable resource and ensure it is used in the right way for the good of both animals and those whose industries are connected to them.

This idea is greater than one company. Animal data touches nearly every facet of human existence now, from wildlife tracking to pet ownership to the food supply chain. It has forced us to define ourselves as part of a greater vision. One that captures the enormous business potential, roots itself in the public consciousness, and inspires debate.

As we look forward and beyond, we now fully embrace our role as the architects of the Internet of Animals.

The Internet of Animals

We are first and foremost a technology company, passionate about the transformative potential of Big Data and IoT but we also believe in the power of that data to tackle the most pressing problems faced by animals on our planet.

This idea is greater than one company. Animal data touches nearly every facet of human existence now, from wildlife tracking to pet ownership to the food supply chain. It has forced us to define ourselves as part of a greater vision. One that captures the enormous business potential, roots itself in the public consciousness, and inspires debate.

As we look forward and beyond, we now fully embrace our role as the architects of the Internet of Animals.

Cecil The Lion

Cecil was a lion who lived in the Hwange National Park in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe. He was a major attraction visited by many tourists who wanted a glimpse of the famous lion in its natural habitat. This all ended when on the 1st July 2015, an American dentist paid 50,000 dollars to get a permit and for his recreation lured Cecil into a trap and shot him with an arrow, only to track the wounded animal for a further 12 hours before firing the finishing arrow. Cecil Alliance is our response.

Cecil Alliance Technology

Cecil is designed as a general set of base protocols that can be applied to all animal data uses. In that sense it is a true platform supporting a collection of niche verticals that address the specifics of their industry. A good example is MustangChain which will focus exclusively on the equine industry.

Vechain is a key partner in our technology proposition and their hardware/software solutions have given us an enterprise set of tools to build out from.

This has enabled us to focus on adoption, partnerships and building a client base, ready to use our solutions immediately.

We look forward to collaborating closely with Vechain to develop new innovations for the Cecil Alliance Foundation.

Animal Digital Assets

Animal Digital Assets a disruptive core solution and our first MVP. Applicable directly to the five primary animal-based industries: wildlife conservation, zoos, pets, sports, livestock.

The Internet of Animals

Our long-term strategy to build a global consensus on the use of animal data leveraging the core technology in our stack.

blockchain icon Blockchain Multiparty payment protocols (MPP)/ Cost efficient / Solid Governance Model / Fast Transactions
database icon Private Database Swift interoperability with other databases / decentralized characteristics / low maintenance
hardware icon IoT NFC embedded passports / RFID Identification / NB-IoT Tracking / Automatic and fast configuration
app icon Decentralized Applications Smoothly utilizing various technologies / enterprise & individual friendly / rapid tailor-made customizations

The Architects of The Internet of Animals

Four layer infrastructure

Animal Digital Asset

Digital Animal ID with immutable data from (verified) stakeholders bringing more trust to stakeholders when purchasing animals and/or animal-related products.

Each animal is assigned a data asset (1) which functions as the animal’s digital identity. Different stakeholders (owners, veterinarians, federations, sport clubs, etc). can read or write specific (verified) data from/to the asset. Most data will be public for stakeholders but sensitive data can be kept private at the owner’s discretion. The applications will take advantage of innovative blockchain and private database protocols at the core level and grant stakeholders convenient access to the immutable data of the animal’s data asset from anywhere in the world.

Four layer infrastructure

1: Animal Digital Asset

The Animal Digital Asset also functions as the first layer of the Internet of Animals. It forms a strong (immutable) foundation to connect additional data directly with the animals itself.

2: IoT integration with the Animal Digital Asset

IoT can be automatically paired with the digital animal identity creating a secondary trust layer and generating additional in-depth data.

3: Swift interoperability with external (animal) data platforms

Stakeholders are able to smoothly integrate all kinds of external data within the platform and if wished with the Animal Digital Asset.

4: Building powerful applications on top of one or more layers

The fourth layer enables Cecil Alliance and the developer community to leverage data from one or more layers by building applications on top of it.

Example of data flow on Cecil Alliance

Within the equine industry


The Internet of Animals as One-Stop Platform

More than data: Connecting The Real World

The Internet of Animals is built for everyone! From users simply checking animal data before purchase, taking a subscription on monthly animal food deliveries, purchasing the right insurance policy based on animal data asset information, to easily scheduling an appointment with veterinarians.

Limitless Configuration

These different hardware and software solutions can be used in different configurations to build solutions that can be used across a wide variety of issues regarding the identification, tracking, and protection of animals. Thus, there is no prescribed way of using the technology and CAF encourages the community to be creative with the different technologies available.

We are Cecil

An alliance of biologists, technologists, governmental and non-governmental organizations fighting for the welfare of animals, everywhere.

Danny van de Griend

Chief Executive Officer

Prominent Board Member of the European Blockchain Foundation and Co-Founder of China Blockchain Partners. Successfully onboarded and advised partners in the early VeChain Global Expansion. Vast experience working in blockchain, business development, and deeply connected to the equine industry.

Onur Yildirim

Chief Operating Officer

Worked as a University Teacher at Radboud University where he attained his PhD. Continued his career as a Clinical Research Manager at Johnson & Johnson and lead MSL at Novartis for more than three years before making the switch to blockchain. He has worked with Danny early in the blockchain industry and proved that his schooling and work background transcend traditional definitions of applied science into true operational leadership.

Robert van Aert

Chief Legal Officer

Served at Maxxelli Consulting helping foreign companies such as Apple, Clorox and Oakwood expand their global footprint in China for five years. Co-Founder of China Blockchain Partners. Extensive experience in corporate structuring and cross-border mergers & acquisitions.

Philip Carberry

Business Manager Europe (Mustangchain)

A world renowned top jockey with over 300 winners including many of Europe's most prestigious races. Philip has a great network of individuals and enterprises active in the equine industry to which he can leverage the technologies of CAF/MustangChain.

Qing Wang

Business Manager Asia

Qing is the connecting link between technology and the animal sector. As certified aviculture expert and dedicated conservationist, she is experienced in wildlife protection, pet supply industry and as an international zoo consultant. She will focus on the expansion of Cecil Alliance and the implementation of our products in the animal sector.

Dennis Nagel

Business Manager Europe

Biologist, conservationist and animal business consultant. Dennis worked for numerous species conservation projects, zoos, research institutes and feed manufacturers around the world. Furthermore, he has a background in infection research, as representative for biological safety and editor in the field of conservation and ornithology.

Dmitry Butyrin

CEO RQM, Business Partner, Supervisor IT

CEO and a Co-Founder of Requestum. Dmitry’s leadership, charisma, technical knowledge, and open mind enabled Requestum to grow from 8 people to 90+. Having years of strong Project Management and possessing a major in International Economics he understands not only technical but business core of his company.

Alex Velichko

Business Analyst

Business Analyst and self-starter with strong self-discipline and a serious approach to his projects. Alex understands the latest demands of the market and enterprises and uses every chance to move to a new level of professionalism. Alex has a B.Sc. in Business and Administration Faculty in the Major of Management.

Kate Shcherbak

Supervisor, Lead PM

Project Manager with strong technical web development background. Her experience as a PHP/Symfony programmer has taught her how to translate the business logic of an application into technical requirement that are easy to follow for the development team. Kate has a Master Degree of Computer Applications and a Bachelor in Mathematical science.

Deniel Synanovych

Project Manager

Proficient in business strategies, he is involved in the business analysis of a product and having a Master Degree in Finance he understands what efficiency means. His talents make him a great manager and person who contributes to the project having a multi-faceted understanding of every step.

Anton Kovtun

Technical Lead

MsC. Physics and Technology with a talent for mentoring and programming. His product vision, anticipation of the users’ comfort, multi layered technical expertise, and academic background allow to build and deliver great business solutions.

Alex Turchak

Back End Developer

PHP developer with a never ending thirst for learning. Despite his level as a young specialist he continues to impress senior specialists with his level of coding proficiency and his reasonable solutions to product implementation. Especially interested in blockchain, he is recently broadening his horizons in this industry.

Nick Shabalin

Back End Developer

Talented back end developer with expertise in WordPress, Drupal, and PHP. Always looking for new things to learn he shows constant technical growth and desire to upscale his skills. Graduate from National Aerospace University (Kharkiv Aviation Institute) he has a broad horizon and a swift understanding of complex systems.

Dmytri Boiko

Android Lead

PhD graduate from the enfamed National Technical University “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute” with years of experience as a project coordinator and company consultant. A mind for leadership and strong technical skills, he brings the Android development team to a new level. He encourages himself and his team members to show self-motivation and willingness to grow and improve both technical and soft skills.

Alex Shiskov

Android Developer

Full stack developer who can handle native Android Development as well as the backend using PHP. Launched his own start-ups for schools, has taken part in big complex projects, and loves to research new approaches that facilitate the development process.

Bohdan Skrypnyk

Design Lead

Design Lead with an impeccable record of delivering outstanding UX/UI. His vision of the product's business purpose and user experience is on another level. Bogdan knows illustration in 2D and he can boast 2 degrees in Computer Science and Web Design which helps him to understand the flow of the product even better.

Daniil Kelembet

QA Lead

Young yet really ambitious and skilled Lead of the QA Department. Obtained a degree as a Specialist of Computer Engineering in Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics.

Alex Kovalev

IOS Lead

Talented and demanding iOS Team Lead and with ample experience as iOS developer. Responsible when it comes to his projects, he does all the code reviews of the apps and maintains constant interaction with the design and backend team thereby showing his understanding of the importance of great UX and the synchronization of every step of the product's life cycle. Alex graduated from one of the best Technical Universities in Ukraine - Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics and Majored in Programming.

Advisory Board

Meet our experienced board of advisors who provide organizational support in many ways including valuable knowledge, resources, and contacts required to fulfill our business objectives.

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